The Hacienda

by | May 9, 2017 | 1980s, 1990s, History, Manchester, News

In May 1982, the legendary Hacienda first opened its doors. A former yacht builder’s warehouse
turned iconic music venue, the Hacienda defined the ‘Madchester’ era. Well known for it’s yellow
and black stripes and industrial warehouse feel, the Hacienda interior was like nothing experienced

As well as regular club nights, the Hacienda hosted many live acts. The Smiths performed there 3
times during 1983. In January 1984, a little known Madonna appeared at the venue performing her
hit ‘Holiday’. This was her very first UK TV performance. Other live acts to perform at the venue
included New Order, The Stone Roses, Oasis, The Happy Mondays, Blur, James and Echo and
the Bunnymen. Did you witness any of these performances? Were you there when Madonna took
to the stage for her first ever UK gig?

The Hacienda was one of the first British clubs to embrace house music. By 1987, the venue was
selling out DJ sets and remained full every night of the week. The popularity of rave culture and
acid house firmly placed the Hacienda as one of the most iconic Manchester venues of the 80’s
and 90’s.

The venue closed it’s doors for the last time in 1997 and was torn down in 2002. Remnants of the
venue were sold at auction preserving a part of Hacienda’s history. Are you one of the lucky people
who purchased part of the dance floor?

Now a block of flats with nothing remaining of the original building, the Hacienda experience lives
on in music and memories.

What do you remember about the Hacienda? Get in touch and share your memories with us!