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On the evening of Saturday 3 August 1968, people arriving at Preston station to catch the 20.48 to Blackpool North or the 21.25 to Liverpool Exchange, must have wondered just what was going on…

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Trains & Boats & Planes

iNostalgia remembers trains and boats and planes this week as well as something in between – Merseyside’s very own hovercraft! The Vickers VA3 was a wonder of modern engineering. It weighed 10 tons and could carry 24 passengers at speeds of up to 60 knots. But it also had a fundamental flaw…

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Sleek and majestic, the ocean liner Queen Elizabeth 2 looked every inch the Cunard flagship when she sailed into Liverpool in July 1990 🛥️

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We love this shot of Kevin Keegan! ⚽

Here he is promoting football at the Eurofest Village in Newcastle, at the Euro’s in 1996.

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