Emma English is a self confessed chocoholic with a passion for vegan baking.

After being asked to set up food stalls at music and food festivals to sell her vegan ice creams and chocolate brownies, Emma decided to give up her full time job and devote more time to something she was passionate about.

With her children grown up, she’s returned to university as a mature student to study nutrition and health, started a bakery, and become really creative on social media.

Her message – be kind and courteous, be passionate…and make cakes! Her friends are presently encouraging her to apply for the Great British Bake Off.

Where were you born?
Edenfield near Bury.

Where did your parents live?
In Waterfoot and Rawtenstall.

What’s your first memory of Manchester?
Going to Cheetham Hill to buy a hi-fi system with my dad.

Where did you go to school?
Stubbings County Primary and Haslingden High School.

How much pocket money did you get?
At 12 years old I got £2.75. My sister who was older by three years got £2.85.

Dad’s first car?
A gold Allegro with a walnut dashboard. I remember the pull-down trays and there being no seatbelts. We used to slide along the back seat whenever the car turned corners!

Your first transport?
A Raleigh Chopper cycle in the 70s and a Mk2 white Golf a bit later!

What did your parents do for a living?
Dad was a car mechanic who owned his own garage doing repairs and re-sprays. Mom was a psychiatric nurse.

Did you go to university or college in Manchester?
I went to Bury College and then Salford University to complete a nursing degree. Now I’m at Edge Hill University as a mature student studying Nutrition and Health.

Favourite hobbies or pastimes?
Food, health and yoga.

Where did you have your first dance?
At The Civic Hall in Ramsbottom, and as an 11-year-old at the Carol Williams School of Ballroom Dancing where I won three medals.

What was your first record?
Karma Chameleon by Culture Club in 1983.

Where did you go to the cinema?
Warner Bros in Pilsworth.

Favourite film?
It has to be one about cooking and recipes – Julia and Julia.

Favourite club or nightspot when you were younger?
Cats Eyes in Burnley.

Favourite thing about Manchester?
It’s such an upbeat, cosmopolitan and current place to be.

Thing you’d most like to change in Manchester?
How many homeless people our city has.

Favourite cake or desert?
I love apple crumble and chocolate brownies.

What was your first job?
I was a barmaid at Owd Betts on Edenfield Road, Rochdale.

What do you get nostalgic for?
Listening to music – especially Neil Diamond and Leo Sayer. My dad used to play these when he was at home on Sunday mornings.

Manchester baker and nutritionist Emma English

Manchester baker and nutritionist Emma English