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Manchester Buses, Trams, Metro & More - Walks with a Vicar

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Manchester Buses, Trams, Metro & More – Walks with a Vicar

Explore Manchester’s Transport History in this Walk with a Vicar

I caught the train from Northwich into Manchester, and the tram north to Queen’s Road. I walked along to Boyle Street bus depot, and photoed the War Memorial on the front, before going to the Greater Manchester Transport Society Museum at the back – website.

Julie and I are both doing the MA in Public History and Heritage at Derby University –  website – and my Public History Consultation is to put together a paper for the National Tramway Museum at Crich – website – in preparation for an exhibition there next summer on The Carriage of Parcels and Mail by Tram. I had a date with George Turnbull the librarian of the Greater Manchester Transport Museum Society to discuss it, and I am very grateful for his help. They have a tram post box, a Post Tram notice (which went on the front of a tram carrying a letter box),  and a parcels’ trolley.

A Manchester Parcels Booklet was a fascinating read, Rule Books included various stipulations (what to do if there is no Postman waiting for the mail bag you are carrying), and a good collection of photos (these photos have been supplied by David Voice, a prolific writer on trams, including the wonder Last Rides, a history of funeral trams – thank you). I also found a booklet with a 1980s guided walk of Manchester post boxes – northernvicar will bring it to a wider public, I promise.

The mirror was in the changing room – as a bearded person, I would not have been employed. A lovely selection of buses – I enjoyed my visit.

I walked on to Abraham Moss metro (2 miles walked) and headed south to Didsbury Village. I then had a three mile walk to Gatley station. I crossed the River Mersey on Simon’s Bridge and walked past Northenden church.

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I wanted to have a look at Northenden Junction signal box – it is rather impressive. Time at Gatley to watch a variety of trains, then back via Piccadilly for a birthday tea.

Walk with a Vicar – Manchester Buses, Trams, Metro & More contributed by Rev. Peter Barham, All Rights Reserved – Originally Published on in Sept 2019.

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Now retired, Rev Peter Barham is the Northern Vicar, a lover of exploring the UK and it's cultural heritage, we share his exploration diaries.

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