Welcome to Then and Now, where each week we compare images of Manchester streets, landmarks, buildings and events from bygone days with today.

Our main image this week shows the Cinephone Cinema in Market Street which was well known for screening foreign films. The date is November 1973.

Dating back to 1914, the Market Street Picture House (as it was known) went through several incarnations before becoming the Cinephone in 1955.

It was briefly the Market Street News Theatre in 1949, reopening as the Continental Cinema in 1950. French movie star Anouk Aimee attended the premiere featuring her film Les Amants de Verone.

The only things foreign in our 1973 image are the Cinephone ‘showing today’ signs in four languages. The main films on offer are The Bofors Gun and Strictly for the Birds, both featuring actors from the Manchester area.

In The Bofors Gun, Longsight-born actor John Thaw played Gunner Featherstone and Manchester actor David Warner portrayed Lance Bombardier Terry Evans.

Geoffrey Hughes, who was later to play binman Eddie Yates on Coronation Street, also appeared in the film.

Strictly for the Birds featured Salford-born Christine Hargreaves who played Christine Hardman on Coronation Street from 1960 to 1963.

Cinephone closed on January 14th 1974 and was demolished to make way for the Arndale Centre – the subject of our second Market Street image taken in December 1986.

The Arndale Tower and 60 shops opened in September 1976, with the Knightsbridge Mall and Northern Mall opening in May and October 1977 respectively.

The 200-stall Market Hall, Boots and the bridge to the Shambles were completed in 1978.

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