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New Year's Eve Pub Sing-Alongs in the UK [With Videos]

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New Year’s Eve Pub Sing-Alongs in the UK [With Videos]

For many in the UK, the idea of ringing in the new year without a song on their lips seems incomplete. Pub sing-alongs have become an integral part of the New Year’s Eve celebrations, adding a communal and nostalgic touch to the festivities.

One of the enchanting aspects of New Year’s Eve pub sing-alongs is the sense of unity they foster. Strangers become friends as they join in unison, celebrating the shared experience of bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new. The pub, with its warm and convivial atmosphere, transforms into a makeshift choir where everyone is invited to participate.

From traditional folk tunes to modern-day chart-toppers, the pub becomes a stage for a diverse array of melodies.

“Auld Lang Syne”

No pub sing-along on New Year’s Eve would be complete without the iconic rendition of “Auld Lang Syne.” The age-old Scottish song, penned by Robert Burns, has transcended its origins to become a universal symbol of farewell and camaraderie. As the clock strikes midnight, patrons link arms and sing, creating a moving tableau of shared memories and hopeful beginnings.

Below Queen Elizabeth II and Tony Blair join hands during the Millenium celebrations to sing Auld Lang Syne.

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“Drunken Sailor”

An upbeat sea shanty that invites pub patrons to join in with its infectious chorus. Its lively rhythm and catchy melody make it a popular choice for a rousing sing-along.

“Dirty Old Town”

Made famous by The Pogues, this folk classic has become a staple in pub sing-alongs. Its evocative lyrics and nostalgic melody create a poignant atmosphere, perfect for reflecting on the year gone by.

“The Wild Rover”

A timeless Irish folk song that tells the tale of a roving and repentant protagonist. Its repetitive and easy-to-follow chorus makes it a favorite for encouraging pub-wide participation.

“Whiskey in the Jar”

With roots dating back to the 17th century, this traditional Irish ballad has been covered by various artists. Its lively tempo and narrative style make it an engaging choice for a pub sing-along. (ahem – we should be clear, this is not the Metallica song).

“Fields of Athenry”

A powerful Irish folk ballad that tells the story of a tragic love affair. Its emotive lyrics and melodic chorus often lead to heartfelt and collective renditions in pubs.

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“Rolling in the Deep”

For a more contemporary twist, Adele’s soulful anthem has found its way into the pub sing-along repertoire. Its powerful vocals and dramatic melody create a captivating atmosphere.

“Hey Jude”

The Beatles’ classic “Hey Jude” is a timeless crowd-pleaser. Its sing-along-friendly chorus and uplifting message make it a celebratory choice for welcoming the new year.

“Sweet Caroline”

A sing-along favorite, Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” never fails to get a pub crowd in the spirit of celebration. The iconic “ba ba ba” chorus is practically an invitation for everyone to join in.

“Wonderful Tonight”

Eric Clapton’s romantic ballad provides a slower, soulful option for those looking to sway and sing along. Its heartfelt lyrics and melodic simplicity make it a poignant choice for the occasion.

“Molly Malone”

A Dubliners’ classic, “Molly Malone” is a lively Irish folk song that often leads to enthusiastic participation. Its tale of the iconic fishmonger in Dublin resonates with pub-goers.

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These songs, spanning generations and genres, contribute to the rich tapestry of New Year’s Eve pub sing-alongs, creating an inclusive and joyous atmosphere that brings people together to celebrate the turning of the year.

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