Coronation Street Cats

The opening title sequence of Coronation Street is well known for the clip of cat on the rooftops. The cat was initially included by accident when it walked into the shot whilst filming in 1976. The cat became an integral part of the opening credits and was just as...

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Manchester Christmas Markets

The Christmas Markets in Manchester have become an iconic addition to the city at the festive time of year. Hundreds of stalls adjourn Albert Square providing a diverse array of goods to buy. You can find everything from gifts, toys, jewellery, food and beer to the...

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Manchester Lads Ruled Pop Charts Worldwide

When legendary record producer Mickie Most got a call from his friend Harvey Lisberg to see a new band in Bolton, he had no idea he’d soon be into something good. Something very good. The band were Herman’s Hermits. Most became their producer and their first single ‘I’m into Something Good’ shot to Number One in the UK charts.

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The Oldham Coliseum

The Oldham Coliseum Theatre is one of the oldest theatres in the country. It is still used today and is notable for it's pantomime productions. The theatre is situated near Oldham town centre and dates back to 1885. Once one of many theatre in the town, it is now the...

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