Romantic Couples in Manchester

iNostalgia looks back at romantic couples in Manchester from Olivier and Leigh to squirrel monkeys Chico and Beano! It can’t be a coincidence that the nation’s favourite love song – I’m Not In Love by 10cc - was written in Manchester. Romance runs through every aspect...

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How United Rebuilt and Conquered Europe

It took a decade for Manchester United to rebuild their team after the devastating Munich air disaster of February 6th 1958. iNostalgia remembers some of the milestones on the way. The mixture of exhaustion and emotion on the faces of United players as they trudge off...

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Goodbye Belle Vue

Belle Vue was the northwest’s premier leisure park for decades. Tears were shed when its circus finally closed in February 1982. We look back on the last days. The dogged protesters of the Belle Vue action group knew there was little chance of a reprieve when they...

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Stars of the Screen Made in Manchester

Many of Britain’s most famous actors and actresses have something in common – they were born in Manchester! Nostalgia catches up with favourite faces from the 60s to the 90s. Few would have taken Sweeney legend John Thaw for a Longsight lad. Or Artful Dodger and...

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Red and Blue Enjoy Magic Cup Moments

Many of Manchester’s most memorable FA Cup matches have lit up the cold, dark month of January. iNostalgia recalls a few of the best It’s a damp, gloomy January in 1955 and City have just taken the field at a muddy Maine Road. Around 75,000 fans are packed into the...

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Picketers’ Hard Fight to Save Their Jobs

The 1970s were a time of industrial upheaval in Manchester. Mills closed, strikes were common – and the lights went out. iNostalgia looks back at the dark days… Everyone has their own personal memories of the power cuts - playing cards by candle light, reading a book...

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Rugby League Local Stars

Manchester may be famous for its football teams, but some of rugby league’s best ever players were born in the local area. iNostalgia remembers a few of the finest. It’s no surprise that the most decorated player in rugby league history comes from Wigan. And it’s no...

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Famous Corrie Guests

Many of the nation’s most famous faces have made guest appearances on Coronation Street – or even started their careers on the show. iNostalgia fondly remembers a few of the best. It’s hard to imagine Slade’s lead-singer Noddy Holder striding down the cobblestones of...

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City Hosted a Decade of Smash Hit Gigs

Many of Manchester’s most historical gigs took place in the 1980s. iNostalgia finds out what made the decade so special for live music in the city Variety really was the spice of life for the Manchester music scene of the 1980s. Home-grown talents The Smiths and New...

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