It’s not a difficult journey between Liverpool and Manchester – unless you’re a footballer that is! Only a few brave souls have managed to play for both United and Liverpool since the 1920s…

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Olympic Bids

It’s 25 years since Manchester lost its bid to host the 2000 Olympics. iNostalgia looks back on the momentous day the decision was announced

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Manchester Sitcoms

Nearest and Dearest, The Lovers, The Dustbinmen and The Cuckoo Waltz – many of the nation’s best-loved sitcoms sprang to life in the Manchester studios of Granada TV. A gifted group of writers, including Manchester’s Jack Rosenthal, produced some of comedy’s most memorable and bitter-sweet moments from the 1960s to the 1980s…

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It’s 20 years since Manchester United legend Eric Cantona played a French diplomat in the movie Elizabeth. iNostalgia remembers the enigmatic footballer, film star and philosopher…

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Jack Rosenthal

Almost every Mancunian must have experienced and enjoyed the work of playwright and scriptwriter Jack Rosenthal. The life-long United supporter wrote 129 episodes of Coronation Street and more than 150 screenplays for film and TV, including London’s Burning, The Lovers and Bar Mitzvah Boy…

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Doctor Who

Doctor Who, the nation’s favourite TV science fiction series, enjoys a powerful connection with Liverpool and the North West. Four actors from the region have played the Doctor since the programme’s launch in 1963 – and three more have appeared as his time-travelling companions…

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Hall of Fame – John Spencer

Timing was everything in the career of former world snooker champion John Spencer. The Bury-born master of the green baize rose to fame just as snooker was taking off on British TV in the 1970s. He became a household name on the popular TV snooker programme Pot Black, along with Ray Reardon, Fred Davis and Dennis Taylor, and won a string of national and international events.

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