Belle Vue, Manchester

Belle Vue was the North West’s premier amusement park in its heyday from the 1940s to 1960s. Thousands enjoyed the funfair and zoo as well as events and concerts at the attraction’s halls and ballroom.

If you have happy memories of Belle Vue, why not test your knowledge of the park in our Saturday nostalgia quiz?

It’s fun for everyone while so many of us are staying at home through the coronavirus lockdown.

Many of the questions come from Clive Hardy’s brilliant book Belle Vue: Manchester’s Playground. It’s packed with unmissable pictures from the M.E.N. archive.

The book is on sale now for £14.99 including postage and packing. Just go to or ring 01928 503777 to place your order.

We hope the quiz brings back some happy memories. If you’d like to share them, please write to the M.E.N. or We’d love to hear from you.

Who was heavyweight boxer Henry Cooper’s opponent when he defended his British and Commonwealth titles at Belle Vue in February 1964?

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In what year was the first greyhound race hosted at Belle Vue? It was the first race round an oval track in Britain.

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Punk group The Clash played Belle Vue’s Elizabethan Ballroom in November 1977 as part of their 32-date Out of Control tour. What was the name of their iconic third album, released in December 1979, described by Rolling Stone magazine as the best album of the 80s?

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In what year was the Kings Hall, which hosted hundreds of bands including the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, demolished?

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How did the famous Bobs rollercoaster at Belle Vue get its name?

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In what year was the first circus held at Belle Vue?

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How many visitors would flock to Belle Vue during Easter Weekends in the 1940s and 50s?

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For many years, the Bobs was the world’s fastest gravity ride. What maximum speed did its cars reach?

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What was the name of the famous elephant bought in 1872 that walked all the way from Edinburgh Zoo to its new home at Belle Vue?

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What was the name of the famous ringmaster at Belle Vue circus, who held the post for a remarkable 43 years?

He was known in the circus world as ‘the Prince of Ringmasters’.
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