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Lost Blackpool

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Like all towns and cities in the UK, Blackpool has changed over the years, and continues to do so. This much-loved seaside resort has developed from just a few houses fronting its 7 miles of ‘Golden Beach’ in the mid- to late 1700s, to what it is today with its famous Tower, three piers, Golden Mile, Illuminations, Comedy Carpet and Pleasure Beach. In the intervening period many attractions along the promenade have come and gone and the whole 7 miles developed with hotels and houses. Lost Blackpool shows the many well-known attractions and buildings – such as the Big Wheel, The Palace, Derby Baths, Yates’s and Central station – that are no longer part of the landscape, as well as many of the shops, schools, pubs, cinemas and churches of the ‘other’ Blackpool behind the seafront. Lost Blackpool is a book that will appeal not only to the town’s residents but also the many visitors who come here every year to sample its delights.

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