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As we approach the 20th anniversary of the passing of HRH Princess Diana, we remember the life and achievements of one of the most prolific members of the royal family.

Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles thrust her into the spotlight at age 20, her life as a princess was well documented and heavily scrutinised.

Diana was and still is very respected as both a public figure and a member of the royal family. She worked extensively with numerous charities. She campaigned to ban landmines worldwide, she also regularly visited children in hospital, particularly cancer patients at Great Ormond Street. Diana’s compassion was evident,  she supported homeless charities, raised awareness of Leprosy and changed the public’s perception of AIDS. Diana was an advocate for helping others and supporting charitable initiatives, she not only supported causes she believed in, she also inspired other to do the same.

Diana’s achievements are undeniable, her charity work saw her visit many different countries to offer her support and care.

As well as being a global philanthropist, Diana regularly visited local areas throughout the UK, including numerous visits to Manchester.


The naming of the Countess of Chester Hospital

In May 1984, Princess Diana visited Manchester to rename the West Cheshire Hospital to the Countess of Chester Hospital.

The Princess of Wales on a walkabout during the renaming of the West Cheshire Hospital

HRH Princess Diana, pictured here on a walkabout during the renaming of the West Cheshire Hospital in honour of one of her titles. 30th May 1984.


Manchester Airport

Diana Returned to Manchester in August 1985 to meet the fire crew who were responsible for saving numerous lives when they attended the scene of the British Airtours plane crash at Manchester Airport.

Princess Diana meeting the fire crew who attended the scene of the British Airtours crash

Princess Diana meeting the fire crew at Manchester Airport. August 1985.


Francis House Children’s Hospice

Princess Diana and Prince Charles both came to Manchester in March 1991. They visited the Manchester Art Gallery on Moseley Street.

Diana also visited Wigan and Didsbury in November 1991 where she opened the Francis House Children’s Hospice.

HRH The Princess of Wales in Manchester visiting the Manchester Art Gallery. 12th March 1991

The Princess of Wales visiting The Manchester Art Gallery on Moseley Street. 12th March 1991.


Princess Diana, in wigan wearing a tartan suit, 25th November 1991

The Princess is opening The Galleries shopping centre in Wigan. Princess Diana’s bodyguard Ken Wharfe is on the right of the picture. Diana’s sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale is in blue on the left.


Princess Diana, visiting Manchester, close up of her waving to the croud.

Diana pictured on the day she opened Francis House Children’s Hospice in Didsbury. 25th November 1991



A further return to Manchester in July 1992 saw Diana visit the Manchester Royal Infirmary. Whilst in Manchester, Diana came to Altrincham where she met with many well wishers who came to see her. Diana can be seen on barge aptly named ‘Prince William’ in the image below.

Diana greeting well wishers in Altrincham

Diana greeting well wishers

Diana greeting well wishers.


Princess Diana exiting the barge names 'Prince William' in Altrincham, Manchester

Exiting the barge named ‘Prince William’. 7th July 1992.


The Hulme Project

Diana came to Manchester once again in 1993 to visit the Hulme Project.

Princess Diana visiting Hulme Manchester

She is pictured here during her visit. 20th October 1993.


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