Around Manchester in the 1970s


Around Manchester in the 1970s is a new 160 page paperback book featuring a unique collection of more than 300 unmissable photographs and memories from the Manchester Evening News Archives. Relive the great times of the 1970s and share your memories with friends and loved ones.

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Around Manchester in the 1970s

Following on from Around Manchester in the 1950s and Around
Manchester in the 1960s, this latest volume comes packed with
photographs and informative captions on the decade that
witnessed such things as the UK joining the EEC; giving up its
centuries old currency of pounds, shillings and pence for
decimalisation; experiencing the blackouts of the three-day week,
and watching with interest as Prime Minister Edward Heath took on
the miners and then lost his "Who Governs Britain? General
Election. It was also the decade of Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver
Jubilee; the decade when large shopping malls made their
appearance and the decade when looking at what teenagers and
twenty-somethings were wearing told us what music they liked. It
was a topsy-turvey decade for the area's League clubs. Manchester
United spent a season in the Second Division; Bolton Wanderers
climbed from the Third to the First; Oldham were promoted to the
Second and Rochdale were relegated to the Fourth and at the end
of the 1977-78 season were forced to seek re-election. In Rugby
League, Leigh reached the final of the Challenge Cup for the first time in half a century.
As with the previous volumes, Around Manchester in the 1970s is
160 pages packed with images and information. For the first time in
this series colour photographs have been included. As newspapers
back then lacked the colour printing capability of today’s Press,
colour photography tended to be limited to sporting events; the
papers hoping to sell prints to readers.