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Sunderland: Aspects of Local History


This interesting and well researched book discusses a wide range of themes — including a crucial period of Sunderland’s history in the 19th century — and should appeal to anyone interested in Wearside’s colourful and sometimes dramatic past.



The eight chapters deal with a wide range of themes. The opening chapter, for instance, discusses the fascinating history of the large medieval parish of Monkwearmouth whose parishioners included residents of Fulwell and Southwick and the baronial Hylton family. Among other topics dealt with in subsequent chapters are developments in Sunderland in the years 1831-1881 (a very important period in the town’s history); the life and times of a Sunderland tugboatman named Benjamin Swinhoe; and Sunderland’s experiences during World War Two.

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Glen Lyndon Dodds


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