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Electricity supplies had just been restored to the Adelphi Hotel in Ranelagh Place when this dramatic photo was taken from St John’s Beacon during the 1972 miners’ strike.

The time is 9.00pm and Lewis’s imposing department store on the right is entirely in darkness due to restrictions on lighting in shop windows. The road in the centre is Mount Pleasant.

As coal supplies dwindled in January 1972, the Government imposed a three-day working week with power cuts on a rota basis until a pay deal was reached with the miners in mid-February.

The imposing Adelphi Hotel, designed by architect Frank Atkinson, was opened in 1914. At the time it was described as the most luxurious hotel outside London.

Liverpool Power Cut 1972
Adelphi Hotel
Now the Britannia Adelphi Liverpool, the 406-room hotel consists of seven storeys and an entrance front with 11 bays. It is included on the National Heritage List for England.

A popular hotel for wealthy passengers about to sail to America, the Adelphi’s Sefton Suite is said to be a replica of the RMS Titanic’s First Class smoking lounge.

In fact, the hotel’s lounge doubled as the interior of an ocean liner in the 1981 TV drama Brideshead Revisited. Its toilets were used in the filming of The Lakes in 1997.

Famous guests to stay at the Adelphi include Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, Laurel and Hardy, Bob Dylan and Judy Garland.