Welcome to Then and Now, where each week we compare images of Manchester streets, landmarks and buildings from bygone days with how they look today.

This week our main image shows pensioners outside the Shrewsbury Hotel in Clifton Street, Old Trafford, looking forward to their coach trip to Blackpool.

The date is Wednesday 28th September 1966 and the weather appears dry, if a little overcast. Coats and cardigans are the order of the day.

A former Bass house, the Shrewsbury Hotel was a focal point for the community who lived round Clifton Street. It also used to be a regular meeting place for teams who competed on the playing fields behind the building.

By 2005, the hotel was in a derelict state. But it was restored at a cost of £450,000 to become part of the Afifah School in 2006. The school is still there today.

Shrewsbury Hotel , Manchester - Then Shrewsbury Hotel, Manchester - Now

Terraced houses behind the hotel on Clifton Street have been replaced by residential blocks in photographer Nicola Mazzuia’s modern image, but the round-arched windows of the former hotel are instantly recognisable.

The urban area of Old Trafford grew massively after the building of the Manchester Ship Canal in the 1890s and the development of the Trafford Park Industrial Estate, providing jobs for thousands of workers.

More than 75,000 people were employed at Trafford Park at its peak in 1945, when the area had geared up to support the war effort. Rolls-Royce Merlin engines for the Spitfire and Lancaster bomber were manufactured there.

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