Welcome to Then and Now, where each week we compare images of Manchester streets, landmarks, buildings and events from bygone days with today.

Our main image this week shows a British European Airways (BEA) Trident jet ready for take-off on the apron of Manchester’s Ringway Airport in June 1967.

In the foreground, doing her best to hold on to her hat, is air hostess Moira Nuttall, 22, from Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire.

Operating from 1946 until 1974, BEA was the largest domestic airline in the UK with flights out of London, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Belfast as well as Manchester.

BEA had carried its millionth passenger by 1952 and became the biggest airline outside the United States in the early 1960s. It started operating DH121 Trident jets in April 1964.

The airline made history in June 1965 when a Trident 1C performed the world’s first ever automatic landing during a scheduled commercial flight.

Manufactured by Hawker Siddeley, the Trident made its maiden flight in January 1962. In all, 117 Tridents were produced by the time the aircraft ended its production run in 1978. It was withdrawn from service in 1995.

BEA was merged with BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation) to form British Airways in April 1974.

Our modern image shows easyJet aircraft grounded at Manchester Airport, formerly Ringway, as a result of Covid precautions in March 2020.

It was the start of the first lockdown which saw only a handful of flights operating from the usually busy airport.

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