December 8, 1970

A lone policeman stands watch on Manchester’s deserted dockside as 19 ships lie idle due to a protest strike. The quayside cranes remain still and silent on the skyline.

Strikes were common in the early 1970s as the increasing use of containerisation was seen by dock workers on both sides of the Atlantic as a serious threat to their livelihoods.

In September 1974, no less than 48 ships were bottled-up in the docks and at various places along the Manchester Ship Canal. At least another 15 ships were anchored on the Mersey Bar waiting to enter the canal system.

December 1, 1978:

Stockport Indoor Market is framed by an arch of the Parish Church in this glimpse of life from the late 1970s.

Stockport was granted a licence to hold a market in 1260 and has done so ever since. The Grade II listed Market Hall, known as the ‘glass umbrella’, was built in 1861.

The market currently houses more than 30 businesses. Regular events include artisan and vintage markets as well as book and record fairs.

Stockport 1978

November 28, 1990:

Manchester’s Market Street is a blaze of lights as shoppers hunt for bargains during the countdown to Christmas.

There are some familiar logos on display, including C&A which disappeared from the High Street in 2001 after trading in the UK since 1922.

The closure was blamed on competition from other emerging fashion brands. Eleven of the C&A stores were bought by Primark.

Christmas lights in Market Street, Manchester. 28th November 1990